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BuildingDeveloperTop YearTenureProperty type
[email protected]Oxley Amethyst Pte Ltd2023FreeholdApartment
Uptown @ FarrerPerumal Development Pte Ltd202299 yearsApartment
Jui ResidencesTiara Land Pte Ltd2022FreeholdApartment
Sturdee ResidencesSL Capital (1) Pte Ltd201999 yearsCondo
[email protected]Singiap Co Pte Ltd2018FreeholdApartment
City GateBayfront Ventures Pte Ltd201899 yearsApartment
Kallang RiversideThe Singapore-Johore Express Pte Ltd2018FreeholdApartment
The CitronGoodland Assets Pte Ltd2017FreeholdApartment
The Line @ Tanjong RhuLakeview Investments Pte Ltd2016FreeholdCondo
Eight RiversuitesUE Development (Bendemeer) Pte Ltd201699 yearsCondo
FulcrumCEL-Fort Pte Ltd2016FreeholdCondo
Forte SuitesForte Development Pte. Ltd.2016FreeholdApartment
Regent ResidencesGolden Villa Pte Ltd2015FreeholdApartment
8 Farrer SuitesRichcapital Pte Ltd2015FreeholdApartment
Cityscape @ Farrer ParkMergui Development Pte Ltd2014FreeholdCondo
Riverside MelodiesMelodies Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
The UrbaniteHertford Development Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
RiverbayGreen Bay Pte Ltd2014999 yearsApartment
Studio8Aston Capital Pte. Ltd.2014FreeholdApartment
Riviera 38Eastwood Green Pte Ltd2014999 yearsApartment
Rangoon 88Kay Lim Investment Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
M66Agrow Realty Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
Le SommeSplott Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
Hertford CollectionChelsford Green Pte Ltd2013FreeholdApartment
Jool SuitesSJ Capital Pte. Ltd.2013FreeholdApartment
Beacon HeightsSt Michael's Development Pte Ltd2012999 yearsCondo
Cavan SuitesWorld Class Property (Central) Pte Ltd2012FreeholdApartment
Suites @ TopazGoodland Development Pte Ltd2012FreeholdApartment
AirstreamMillennium Homes (Singapore) Pte Ltd2012FreeholdApartment
City LoftAscend Capital Pte Ltd2012FreeholdApartment
Opal SuitesMacly Pte Ltd2012FreeholdApartment
Parc SommeOxley Ascend Capital Pte Ltd201299 yearsApartment
Suites 123Macly Assets Pte Ltd2011FreeholdApartment
Farrer Park SuitesSiong Heng Realty Pte Ltd2011FreeholdApartment
SouthbankKings & Queens Development Pte Ltd201099 yearsApartment
Studios @ MarneVyco Pte Ltd2010FreeholdApartment
St Michael RegencyEvan Lim Industrial/Warehousing Development Pte Ltd2010FreeholdApartment
The Riverine By The ParkWintree Investment Pte Ltd2010FreeholdApartment
De CenturionTarget Home Pte Ltd2010FreeholdApartment
VetroAG Development (Mar Thoma) Pte Ltd2010999 yearsApartment
Oxford SuitesOxford Development Pte Ltd2010FreeholdApartment
Urban LoftsAscender Capital Pte Ltd2010FreeholdApartment
Citigate ResidenceSpringlife Capital Pte Ltd2010FreeholdApartment
One Saint Michael'sFCL Lodge Pte Ltd2009FreeholdCondo
The MerlotFragrance Properties Pte Ltd2009FreeholdApartment
Pristine HeightsFragrance Properties Pte Ltd2009FreeholdApartment
Tyrwhitt 139Oxley Capital Pte Ltd2009FreeholdApartment
City RegencyFragrance Homes Pte Ltd2009FreeholdApartment
VogxWorld Class Capital Pte Ltd2009FreeholdApartment
Kent ResidencesHume Capital Pte Ltd2009FreeholdApartment
Bliss RegaliaOne Two Holdings Pte Ltd2009FreeholdApartment
Suites @ OwenMacly Pte Ltd2009FreeholdApartment
RiveredgeRiveredge Development Pte Ltd200899 yearsCondo
Mera SpringsMCL Land (Property Management) Pte Ltd2008FreeholdCondo
Residences @ SommeSplott Pte Ltd2008FreeholdApartment
City Square ResidencesCity Developments Ltd2008FreeholdCondo
CitylightsWoodsvale Land Pte Ltd200799 yearsCondo
R66 ApartmentsFong Tat Holding Co Pte Ltd2007FreeholdApartment
VanadiumNovelty Brothers Pte Ltd2007FreeholdApartment
Carlyx GreenWorld Class Land Pte Ltd2007FreeholdApartment
D'cambridgeNOVELTY PROPERTIES PTE LTD2006FreeholdApartment
Carlyx ResidenceWorld Class Land Pte Ltd2006FreeholdApartment
The ElysiaBukit Timah Hill Development Pte Ltd2005999 yearsApartment
SunvilleCame Investments Pte Ltd2005FreeholdApartment
One FortCES-Fort Pte Ltd2005FreeholdCondo
Rio GardensHoe Hup Realty PL2005FreeholdApartment
KerrisdaleBeatty Holdings Pte Ltd200599 yearsCondo
The CallistaEvansville Investments Pte Ltd2005999 yearsApartment
Clydes ResidenceClydesbuilt Development Pte Ltd2005FreeholdApartment
Water PlaceFar East Organization200499 yearsCondo
Moonstone ResidencesSiong Hoe Development Pte Ltd2004FreeholdApartment
The MorningtonPoh Lian Residences & China Construction Realty Co. Pte Ltd2004FreeholdApartment
Moonstone RoyaleMOONSTONE T & G DEVELOPMENT PTE LTD2003FreeholdApartment
Rangoon CourtENG KEONG HOLDINGS PTE LTD2003FreeholdApartment
Sanctuary GreenSanctuary Land Pte Ltd (FCC)200399 yearsCondo
St. Michael's CondominiumSanjing Enterprises Pte Ltd2002FreeholdApartment
PalazzettoHeeton Investment2002FreeholdApartment
Moonstone ViewCity Developments Ltd2000FreeholdApartment
Rangoon ViewHo Lee Development Pte Ltd2000FreeholdApartment
Camelot By-the-waterCentrepoint Properties Ltd200099 yearsCondo
Penhas RoadN.A.1999FreeholdApartment
Kentish GreenKentish View Pte Ltd (Far East)199999 yearsApartment
Emerald EastHOI HUP REALTY PTE LTD1999FreeholdApartment
Sturdee ViewGMP Development Pte Ltd (l & M Properties Pte Ltd)1999FreeholdApartment
The RichmondTRIO _ United Realty Pte Ltd1999FreeholdApartment
FortredalePOH LIAN REALTY PTE LTD1999FreeholdApartment
Crystal RhuHillview Manison Pte Ltd1999FreeholdApartment
Kentish CourtKentish Court Pte Ltd (Far East)199999 yearsApartment
St. Francis LodgeCitiraya Property1998FreeholdApartment
Kentish LodgeKentish Green Pte Ltd (Far East)199899 yearsApartment
St. Michael's PlaceSeng Realty & Development Pte Ltd1997FreeholdApartment
Costa RhuAmcol Gardens (Tanjong Rhu) Pte Ltd199799 yearsCondo
Pebble BayDBS Property Services Ltd (DBS Land)199799 yearsCondo
The AberdeenSeng Realty & Development Pte Ltd1997FreeholdCondo
Rangoon ApartmentsN.A.1996FreeholdApartment
Casuarina CoveSteadfast Development Pte Ltd199699 yearsCondo
ParkshoreBrighton Development (S) Pte Ltd (CDL)1995FreeholdCondo
Mergui MansionsSum Ek Pte Ltd1995FreeholdApartment