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BuildingDeveloperTop YearTenureProperty type
MoriRoxy-Pacific Holdings2026FreeholdApartment
PenroseHong Leong Group and CDL202499 yearsApartment
La MariposaLakeview-LR Pte Ltd2023FreeholdApartment
Sixteen35 ResidencesOxley Pearl Pte Ltd202399 yearsApartment
Rezi 24Development 24 Pte Ltd2022FreeholdApartment
OlloiK16 Development Pte Ltd2022FreeholdApartment
Parc EstaMCL Land (Everbright) Pte Ltd202299 yearsApartment
The AntaresFSKH Development Pte Ltd202299 yearsApartment
Arena ResidencesRH Guillemard Pte Ltd2022FreeholdApartment
33 ResidencesMacly 33 Pte Ltd2021FreeholdApartment
Rezi 35Development 35 Pte Ltd2020FreeholdApartment
Carpmael Thirty-eightLWH Carpmael Pte Ltd2020FreeholdApartment
Park Place Residences At PlqMilano Central Pte Ltd, Roma Central PteLtd, Verona Central Pte Ltd201999 yearsApartment
Nine DegreesTK90 Pte Ltd2018FreeholdCondo
Sandy EightJVA Katong Pte Ltd2018FreeholdApartment
Pavilion SquarePollux Treasures Pte Ltd2018FreeholdApartment
Tre ResidencesSL-GV-MCC Pte Ltd201899 yearsCondo
Residence 1The One Residence Pte Ltd201799 yearsCondo
Park 1 SuitesPark 1 Suites Pte. Ltd.2017FreeholdApartment
Treasures @ G6JK Integrated Development Pte Ltd2017FreeholdApartment
Rezi 3twoDevelopment 32 Pte Ltd2017FreeholdApartment
Guillemard SuitesMK25 Pte Ltd2017FreeholdApartment
Sims Urban OasisSims Urban Oasis Pte Ltd201799 yearsCondo
Loft 33Macly Equity Pte Ltd2016FreeholdApartment
Grandview SuitesGrandview (Geylang) Pte Ltd2016FreeholdApartment
# 1 LoftThe One Development 2 Pte Ltd2016FreeholdApartment
#1 SuitesThe One Development Pte Ltd2016FreeholdApartment
Metro LoftChanel Residences Pte Ltd2016FreeholdApartment
Dunman RegencyGHC Land Pte Ltd2016FreeholdApartment
MillageMequity Assets Pte Ltd2016FreeholdApartment
The SerennoVicland Realty Co Pte Ltd2016FreeholdApartment
The CentrenPinnacle Development (L27) Pte. Ltd.2016FreeholdApartment
The OctetOsmo Capital Pte Ltd2016FreeholdApartment
Edenz SuitesAdmin Holdings Pte Ltd2015FreeholdApartment
Edenz LoftA Development Pte Ltd2015FreeholdApartment
NessPhoenix Land (Singapore) Pte Ltd2015FreeholdApartment
One Eighties ResidencesSanta Land Pte Ltd2015FreeholdApartment
Rezi 26Development 26 Pte Ltd2015FreeholdApartment
Katong RegencyUOL Property Investments Pte Ltd/UOL Residential Development Pte Ltd2015FreeholdApartment
Everitt EdgeWenul Development Pte Ltd2015FreeholdApartment
SilverscapeMM Capital Pte Ltd2015FreeholdApartment
Treasures @ G20JK 989 Development Pte Ltd2015FreeholdApartment
28 Imperial ResidencesMJM Capital Pte Ltd2015FreeholdApartment
Le RegalFragrance Realty Pte Ltd2015FreeholdApartment
Sky GreenUnique Realty Pte Ltd2015FreeholdCondo
Cassia EdgeMacly Equity Pte Ltd2015FreeholdApartment
PrimedgePinnacle Development (JV) Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
Evergreen ResidencesN.A.2014FreeholdCondo
Jupiter 18RH Changi Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
Smart SuitesDistinct Home (Sims) Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
Prime ResidenceSpringlife Development Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
38 I SuitesSustained Land Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
Suites @ GuillemardOxley Land Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
Idyllic SuitesHillwood Development Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
Central ImperialG28 Development Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
La FleurTeambuild Properties Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
Centra HeightsFission Capital Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
Guillemard EdgeMacly Equity Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
The Sanctuary @ Geylang1L30G Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
Suites 28Wenul Properties Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
D'weaveTeambuild Properties Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
Sims EdgeMacly Equity Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
Centra ResidenceTrident Development Pte Ltd2014FreeholdApartment
The Water EdgePinnacle Development Pte Ltd2013FreeholdApartment
Straits ResidencesRoxy Land Pte Ltd2013FreeholdApartment
The Silver FirEvansville Pte Ltd2013FreeholdApartment
Waterbank At DakotaUOL Development (Dakota) Pte Ltd201399 yearsCondo
Questa @ DunmanHoi Hup Realty Pte Ltd2013FreeholdApartment
Royce ResidencesGoodland Development Pte Ltd2013FreeholdApartment
Suites @ SimsMacly Pte Ltd2013FreeholdApartment
Centra LoftTrident Development Pte Ltd2013FreeholdApartment
VientoEndo Properties Pte Ltd2013FreeholdApartment
MelosaEcco Properties Pte Ltd2013FreeholdApartment
Suites @ ChangiFragrance Realty Pte Ltd2012FreeholdApartment
Still 123N.A.2012FreeholdApartment
Lorong 104 ChangiN.A.2012999 yearsApartment
Langsat RoadN.A.201299 yearsApartment
Ventura ViewMoovenuss Homes Pte Ltd2012FreeholdApartment
Esta RubyEastwood Park Pte Ltd2012FreeholdApartment
D'castiliaCastilia Development Pte Ltd2012FreeholdApartment
Onan SuitesWorld Class Property (East Coast) Pte Ltd2012FreeholdApartment
Bella CasitaAgrow Developmemt Pte Ltd2012FreeholdApartment
Avant ResidencesAvent At Aljunied Pte Ltd201299 yearsApartment
La BrisaTiara Realty Pte Ltd2012FreeholdApartment
Casa AerataEcco Realty Pte Ltd2012FreeholdApartment
Treasures @ G19JK 989 Development Pte Ltd2012FreeholdApartment
Centra SuitesPinnacle Realty Pte. Ltd.2012FreeholdApartment
Centra StudiosPinnacle Realty Pte. Ltd.2012FreeholdApartment
The ArielHNB Builders Pte Ltd2011FreeholdApartment
Stillz ResidenceWarees Land Pte Ltd2011FreeholdApartment
CentrinaJG Development Pte Ltd2011FreeholdApartment
Melrose VilleTKE Development Pte Ltd2011FreeholdApartment
WorthingtonBan Kim Lee Development Pte Ltd2010FreeholdApartment
The ArizonRanesis Development Pte Ltd2010FreeholdApartment
Dakota ResidencesRivershore Pte Ltd201099 yearsCondo
Tembeling CourtAlphaland International Pte Ltd2010FreeholdApartment
Versilia On HaigHoi Hup Realty Pte Ltd2010FreeholdCondo
Evergreen ViewHighland Developments Pte Ltd2010FreeholdApartment
D'frescoFresco Development Pte Ltd2010FreeholdApartment
CosmoDakota Development Pte Ltd2010FreeholdApartment